Polibrasil Footwear Collection

Seeking to expand its market scope, Polibrasil hired FuturePack to create a project for market strategic development.

That project had several steps:

• Unprecedented research about how the footwear industry understands and solves issues related to packaging;

• Development and dissemination of a concept packaging collection, meaning a series of packaging with different designs using Polibrasil polypropylene;

• Poll with retailers.

We interviewed and learned the opinion of more than 60% of the national footwear industry. We publicized the collection in the fourteen footwear hubs in Brazil, where we were present in two editions.

The project was subject of several spontaneous media articles: Plásticos em Revista; EmbalagemMarca; Revista Pack; Embanews; CCTCA Magazine (footwear industry), among others.

The collection received the 2005 Embanews Award as featured packaging and 2005 Abiplast Design Award.

Result: increase in sales of polypropylene for sheets production in the fashion, cosmetics and footwear sectors.

After that, we identified the need to train the national printing industry for offset printing on polypropylene substrate. Then, we developed a reference guide about the subject, which was distributed to the industry.

Prêmios recebidos

2005 - Coleção Polibrasil Calçados, prêmio Embanews e Abiplast