While taking into account the new trend of bringing home enjoyable experiences, the restaurant Bazzar decided to develop a line of toppings and sauces so that the customers could repeat the experience with friends at home…

Bazzar chose FuturePack to develop packaging for those products. The consultancy, in addition to solving the issues in regards to design, also searched for alternatives for premium products, without a lot of preservatives, which could be convenient, functional and charming!

For sauces, we selected a charming jar produced by CIV and we chose self adhesive labels with their own curvature to follow Bazzar’s logo, with elegant colors and made of BOPP. FuturePack also decided to use an inverted bottle for the toppings line in order to innovate and meet an old need of the consumers. We knew that it would only be possible with plastic material. With the signature bottle, we would also have an immense advantage in relation to the competitors.

We searched the most suitable material and defined that it would be polypropylene coextruded with EVOH. The development of an exclusive mold was a decisive move for the differentiation of the product at the point of sale. Since it is a premium product, it is important to use multilayer packaging, which provides high barrier, protects the ingredients and ensures longer shelf life without using a lot of preservatives.

We carefully elaborated the presentation: a signature packaging, with attractive shape and look, which is nice to hold. It is also practical, because the cap is positioned to pour from top to bottom, with the opening facing the consumer.

The use of heat-shrink label to decorate this bottle was crucial because we explored the appetite appeal, wrapping the entire bottle with tasty caramels, raspberries and chocolate.

The results came quickly: consumer, retailer and market recognition. We received Embanews Award and were one of the finalists of ABRE Award. Finally, we received a WorldStar Global Packaging Award.


2006: Bazzar toppings line – Embanews Award

2007: Bazzar toppings line – ABRE Award finalist

2007: World Star – WPO (Award For Packaging Excellence)


Cristiana Beltrão“FuturePack consultancy meant for Bazzar Group an important support for the packaging development process, from the beginning of the production processes, choice of suppliers and suitable and reliable materials, to supporting the design work, pointing out innovation and trends. The use of the lid’s safety button for the sauces line was very important to show Bazzar’s concern in regards to food safety. The exclusive mold used for our toppings, with multilayer polypropylene, was undoubtedly a perfect choice to bring to our customers an ergonomic product, served upside down, which is a great value for the customer at the moment of consumption. We are very satisfied with the partnership with FuturePack that, certainly, will continue to contribute to the development and growth of our brand”.
Cristiana Beltrão
Bazzar Managing Partner