With the goal of developing packaging with the lowest environmental impact possible, and according to its Mission guideline, Magia dos Aromas hired FuturePack. They decided that for the line of body products (moisturizing lotions, repellents and oils) they would create a bottle with a totally organic design and in tune with the concepts of aromatherapy.

The first step consisted in defining and changing the logo, which brought the words Magia and Aromas closer, in addition to the replacement of the bather for a mandala, an element that has better connection with aromatherapy. There were also changes in the logo, significantly modernizing Magia dos Aromas brand.

We created a uniting element for the line, a pattern specially designed to bring together the several types of packaging. On the bottle, a positive relief was applied. Tubes and bottles were printed with serigraphy and the kit was printed in offset.

We also defined pastel color and smooth strokes for all elements of the bottles, tubes, soaps and kits.

The ease of processing and the definition of the bottle special shape were crucial for the choice of polyethylene as the plastic material to be used.

Sinimplast, the absolute leader in the production of plastic packaging for the cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical, hygiene and cleaning industries, developed the mold and produced the bottle.

Here we highlight the fantastic result for a bottle which is blown with positive relief and great level of details. The matte effect was also an important attribute of the project.

The cap was produced using polypropylene by Cária, which was careful to follow the same matte finish of the bottle. The project was precise so that the caps would be positioned with its opening always aligned with the front of the bottle.

For the Body Deodorant and Air Fresheners, glass bottles were chosen. They were supplied by Frascolex. In order to make the separation of the materials easier, and so enable their recycling, a screw pump was used.

For face and body treatment products, polyethylene tubes with polypropylene caps were chosen. The tubes were supplied by C-Pack.

Finally, for soaps and gift sets, Vitacarta paperboard was chosen. It is 100% recycled (50% from process residues and 50% from post-consumption) and is produced by Papirus, with printing and finishing made by Embalagem Santa Inês, which, highlighting its social awareness, incorporated the Braille language.

The entire line was harmonious, balanced, sober and elegant.


Marcos Caram“FuturePack, with a lot of sensitivity, captured our profile and developed a packaging line with a totally organic design, innovating with biodegradable material (one of the first companies in Brazil to use this material in packaging), which came to translate our concern with the environment. In addition, all old packaging was updated, always taking this context into consideration. All this work came to improve our products and strengthen our brand.”
Marcos Caram
Magia dos Aromas Managing Partner