Nine months before the beginning of the Pan American Games, which took place in Rio de Janeiro in 2007, Thorc launched its Training Bar, a bar for exercises that could be installed at the doors of a house.

Different from existing equipment, the Traning Bar is safer, practical and modern.

For the correct positioning and greater valorization of the product, Thorc hired FuturePack to create a modern packaging that could show retailers and customers the value of the Training Bar.

The result was an extremely modern and multifunction packaging, because, in addition to storing the product from its manufacture until the arrival to the final customer, it is also a shelf display. Besides, the packaging is still useful even after the installation of the bar. The bar can be stored again inside the package after each training session.

The project was entirely conducted by Polibrás, which also launched a new material, the bicolor corrugated polypropylene.


Paulo Ignácio“FuturePack has a great ability of understanding the client’s needs and dreams and translating those into concrete results. That was what happened to Thorc. We showed our needs and the project turned out to be much better than we expected”.
Paulo Ignácio